What Type of Tea is Best for A Cold or Flu

Although a cold is often more of a nuisance than real illness, it’s certainly irritating. There 2 key things that you need to treat when you have a cold or the flu. First, it’s the symptoms that are dragging you … Read More

Barley Tea

11 Health Benefits of Barley Tea

You might have had fruit and barley squash. You’ve probably had barley in beer and cereal bars. But what about straight barley tea? Mugicha, as you might know it, is a fresh and nutty infusion made with barley. Just like … Read More

Tea for Upset Stomach

The 8 Best Tea for Your Upset Stomach

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Best Tea for Sore Throat

The 9 Best Tea for A Sore Throat

When you wake up with that awful, scratchy feeling in your throat, what do you reach for? Numbing cool ice-cream? Throat lozenges? Or, like us, do you reach for a cup of soothing tea? We like to think that a … Read More

earl grey tea

What is Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea is a flavored tea and one of the world’s most recognized teas. The tea is typically a black tea flavored with oil from the outside rind of the bergamot orange, native to the Mediterranean. This unique fruit … Read More

drink tea with smile

Is There Caffeine in White Tea?

Sure, we all know that tea contains caffeine… but how much? And, more importantly, does the caffeine level in tea matter for your health and well-being? When it comes to white tea, you’re probably drinking it for the health benefits … Read More

How to Make Milk Tea

How to Make Milk Tea – 12 Recipe Ideas

Milk and tea, a match made in heaven. In this brief guide we’re going to take you through what the essence of milk tea is and the different types and flavours you can try, with a few recipes that are … Read More

Black , green , fruit tea cups and assortment of dry tea leaves in boxes

12 Types of Tea (Which is The Best for You)

From bright, refreshing green tea to earthy, rich Pu-er. There are many types of tea, each with hundreds of variants to choose from… but how can you choose? It’s not an easy task but picking the best type of tea … Read More